New Blackberry Arbor Completed!

I planted a second row blackberries last spring and I started  installing a new arbor.  This arbor will be built with two inch metal posts and stainless steal cables

Holes dug and poles awaiting cement

as supports.  The posts were cemented last weekend and will be ready for cable installations this weekend.









2″ Fence Posts cemented last weekend

Three holes were drilled in each post and eye bolts were installed.  1/8″ stainless steel cable was attached with cable crimps and and turnbuckles to the posts.  We have yet to have any substantial rain this season.  Getting the berry vines off the ground and up on the supports will keep the vines from rooting into the ground when the rain comes.




Completed Berry Arbor with Blackberries supported on 1/8″ stainless steel cables



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