Spring Peony

The Peony have started to bloom on the Farm and several are blooming for the first time this year.  Planting Peony from root cuttings in the Fall can result in a two to three year wait before you start to get flowers.  The first two years the plant has mainly vegetative growth.  Vegetative growth means the plant produces only green stems and leaves with, but no flowers.  The Peony on the left grew slowly for three years before finally flowering this year.  20160404_234320097_iOS

The Yellow Peony seen below is a new addition on the Farm from Monrovia Nursery Co.  This is a cross between a Tree Peony and a bush peony, Paeonia (intersectional hybrid) x ‘Yellow Doodle Dandy.’  Monrovia does an exceptional job producing a wide variety of many plant species.  This Doodle Dandy already had seven flower buds when it was purchased this weekend.  In fact the Yellow Doodle Dandy was an exceptional early Fathers Day gift.




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