These are links to a few of my preferred tools.

Pruning Tools








Felco Pruning Sheers

Felco pruners will last a lifetime. The thing I like best about Felcos is you can buy replacement parts for every model they sell!




Corona Hand Saws

I have used several different styles of hand saws over the years but I prefer a saw that does not fold.  The first folding hand saws I used in younger days did not lock open and I had the blade fold back onto my fingers.  There is no chance the blade can fold back with a non-folding saw.




Chain Saws

Stihl makes great saws and I have owned several.  I burned one saw up when I took down a very large Eucalyptus tree.  I am not sure if I just over worked the saw or if I installed a part incorrectly and blocked the air cooling process.  Speaking with my local chainsaw repair shop I asked the mechanic which saw model he preferred to work on.  He said Stihl because there are fewer proprietary parts.  Husqvarna chainsaws have several proprietary parts and can increase service time if your mechanic doesn’t have the part in stock.


Weather Tools