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Winter Garden Update

Tomorrow I will be picking fresh broccoli  from the winter garden!     The turnips are in full production as well as the radishes!                              

Winter Vegetable Garden

This year I built a frame out of PVC frame to cover the ‘Square Foot’ garden beds.  It is a simply frame made out of 3/4 inch PVC pipe.  I purchased a roll of 100 foot by 12 foot 14 mil clear plastic from Home Depot as the cover.  I only needed 25 feet but I have plenty for future years. I haven’t tried to …

The Summer Harvest Continues

The summer harvest is in full swing with cucumbers, tomato and peppers continuing to ripen on a daily basis.   This years summer garden was an experiment. If you have ever driven by a strawberry field in southern California you always see black plastic covering acres of soil. Strawberry growing fields are usually fumigated with Methyl Bromide before the strawberries are planted.  Fumigation is used …